Do you understand what a computer virus is and what it does?

There is no need to know by bringing your machine to Gibbon Computers it will be assessed and check by a Cyber Crime specialist who understands the Dark Net and how it works.

Yes, computers are a massive benefit and can save a lot of time, but there are groups of people out there who use it within the Dark Net.

Here at Hetton Computer Repairs we ensure we use genuine and approved scanning software as a lot of so called scanning software packages are known to in fact infect machines or not remove certain types of viruses.

We also carry out an in-depth scan of the machine to look at common areas in which can be effected by viruses or in fact be changed to allow viruses or malware to develop within your machine.

Carrying on from this you have Ransomware which a well known example of this was the Wannacry Ransomware which effect large organisations including the National Health Service.

By allowing your machine to be infected with Ramsomware, Viruses and Malware you are also risking your data in which you store on the machine.

Keyloggers are pieces of software which logs either all the information your enter or is specific to certain data, card details, bank login details etc.

By having your machine scanned by a professional you will be assured to not be at risk of any of the above. We will also provide you with advice on how to ensure your have the best protection and prevent future viruses.

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