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With a wealth of knowledge in the IT industry and understand how IT works we carry out various IT investigations.

These include, civil, criminal and employment investigations ensuring we provide a comprehensive report of our findings.

This can be from data breaches, theft, misuse of computers, unauthorised access and also  online tracing.

With extensive knowledge of the Data Protection Act 1998, Computer Misuse Act  2018, Computer Usage policies and much more, we will strive to find out what you want to  know.


All investigations are carried out under the regulation setout in the Data Protection Act 1998 and also  full confidentiality agreements between Gibbon Group Ltd and the client.

In our investigations, we can look for data sabotage, and deliberately deleted cctv and files. While under investigation we can look to obtain as much evidence to ensure any criminal or civil cases have the right amount of information incase of any unlawfully wrong doings. 

All of or work is carried out under GDPR and data protection guidelines, clients must also sign a separate agreement for each project they want work done to.

Within projects, we can also look for traces of hacking within a system and see if there has been unauthorized access to any systems. If traces of hacking is present in any investigation, we can then look at is there is any sign of data theft.