Printers can be very costly if you don't look at what you are purchasing. Some printers are cheap but when you come to fill them they will cost you sometimes more than the printer. The other Myth is to buy cheap counterfeit versions. These are often false economy as they are cheap and the quality is very poor and also hold very little ink.

The other myth is to purchase a leased printer but this could put your printing costs often through the ceiling.

Here at Gibbon Computers we will advise on the best printer for your needs and also give you a breakdown on the cost to replenish the cartridges.

We also supply most leading cartridges, toners and drum kits for printers. We will give you the option of branded replacements or quality OEM products.

So for honest transparent printer advice give us a call. We are here to help our customers not sell the printer with the best commission or one which you will be coming back every 5 minutes for refills.