Ensuring your computer runs at its best performance is imperative, there are loads of free so called system improvement software available on the Internet but it can become all confusing and misleading.

Here at Hetton Computer Repairs we only use trusted and tested software to asses your machine for known issues.

We assess the following features of your machine.

1. Privacy Traces

2. Pups & Adware

3. Software Junk

4. Windows Leftovers

5. Duplicate Files

6. Large Files

7. Browser Junk

8. Browser optimisation

9. Temporary Files

10. Unwanted programs & Apps

11. System Restore points

12. Recycle Bin

13. Registry

14. Disk fragmentation

15. Windows updates

16. Drivers

17. Hidden processors

18. Virus scan

19. Startup check

20. Ventilation and fan checks. 

What are the benefits?

1) Machine will run a lot quicker than previously.

2) Cleaner machine

3) Quicker start up

4) Quicker browsing

5) Less crashes

6) More stable system.

7) Safer machine

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